BACKFIRE G2T Electric Longboard & Hub Motor Electric Skateboard- Golden Black

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Product Description

The Backfire G2t Electric Skateboard For Beginners

The Backfire G2t electric skateboard for electric skateboarders by Eric Bauza is one of the best electric skateboards you can find on the market today. If you are looking for a skateboard that will give you power and stability, without sacrificing ride and control, the Backfire is just what you need. But, even if you aren't a rider who wants total control, this skateboard will still give you a smooth ride when you drive it forward.

In addition to having a modern design for a skateboard, this model skateboard has what it takes to be the perfect skateboard for any one who has an electric skateboard. The G2t model comes with front suspension with spring-loaded soft springs. The weight of the board is taken off of your feet for a more comfortable ride and your knees will be supported while you are on the board. The wheels have durable and thick sidewalls to withstand the abuse of rough use.

Has the suspension to give you a smooth ride will help you be more comfortable on your board. You won't have to worry about stiff and sore legs while riding it. And, since you won't be going as fast as you would with an electric skateboard, the weight of the board isn't a problem either.

The rear wheel also gives you a great performance. It's made of nylon, which will stand up to all the abuse that the deck and wheels will give it. With a rear-wheel-drive system, the Backfire G2t will have a better grip and more power than an all-wheel drive model.

The nose of the skateboard is a hard rubber track, which will give you a lot of grip on the deck. The rear deck is also made of metal, which is harder than soft rubber. The rear wheels of the Backfire G2t have front lug pattern to give you better handling on the road.

The wheels of the board are all different sizes and all of them are made for different riding conditions. When it comes to riding on pavement, the larger wheels will give you a better grip. They also give you better stopping power, while they are wet and slippery.

The tail section of the board is fully enclosed, so it will protect you from debris and rain. It also has a circular rubber lip under the tail for the skateboarder to grip on. This is another benefit of the size and shape of the board for the rider.

There are different color combinations to choose from when you buy this skateboard. And, because there are not many skateboarders who ride in the rain, this model was built with those in mind. You can ride through puddles without worrying about getting your board damaged.

You will be able to start riding this board in a matter of minutes, and then you will be surprised at how well it performs. And, you don't have to worry about hitting bumps and ruts while you are on the road. With this skateboard, you will enjoy all of the amazing maneuvers that a good electric skateboard can give you.

This is a good model for beginners, and it is easy to use for anyone who isn't accustomed to owning an electric skateboard. The very first time you try it out, you will be amazed at how well it handles. So, when you decide to buy this model, you will need to take into consideration that some people have been selling used skateboards and want to get rid of the old ones. That is why the warranty on the Backfire G2t is only a few months long.

Most electric skateboards come with a warranty of three months or less, so if you want a reliable electric skateboard, the Backfire G2t may be the one for you. If you want more, you can always upgrade to the upgraded version, which is much better than the basic model. While the upgraded version can give you better performance, it will cost you $100 more than the basic model.

This is a great skateboard for a beginner to get started on, because it is a comfortable ride, which means that anyone who can ride an electric skateboard can also enjoy riding a Backfire G2t. electric skateboard.

Product Features

Independently replaceable tires and motors, low maintenance cost Super flexible deck, absorbs the vibration and shock during riding Caliber II 50-DEGREE Trucks, great carving performance, stable during high speed riding Weights 14.5lbs/6.5kg, portable and easy to carry 12Miles/20Km Sports Mode riding range, 15.5Miles/25Km Eco Mode riding range

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