Exway USA EXWAY X1 Electric Skateboard, 25 MPH, 10 Mile Range, Seismic Trucks, OLED Vibrating Remote, IP55 Water Resistance by EXWAY

Price: $888.00
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Product Description

How To Use Your Exway Electric Skateboard

The Exway Electric Skateboard is a popular electric skateboard that is used by many professional skaters. This device is extremely lightweight and easy to use. There are three main parts to this board: the deck, the trucks, and the battery pack.

exway electric skateboard

All of the components of the Exway skateboard are interchangeable so that if one part breaks, you can simply buy another from the company. It also has options to change the power system or add a paddle board attachment to your existing machine.

The Exway Electric Skateboard is one of the very few skateboards to come with a power switch on the pedal board that you use for powering the motor. The deck is made of a very strong material and is weighted for maximum stability.

The Exway Skateboard uses high performance electric motors to provide powerful, powerful motor feedback. It also features a high capacity battery pack that is able to carry a standard one hundred and thirty watt power system. It is light weight and easy to maneuver on paved or smooth surfaces.

Another great thing about the Exway Electric Skateboard is that it can use the same hub as your standard skateboard. In other words, you do not have to purchase another hub separately. This means that you can use both your hub and the skateboard at the same time without any problems.

There are three parts to the Exway Electric Skateboard. You have the deck, the wheels, and the battery pack.

The Exway Electric Skateboard has three wheels that move independently so that you are able to have more control. You can use the front and back wheels individually, or you can utilize the combined power of both wheels. The overall weight of the Exway Electric Skateboard is only eight pounds.

The wheels on the Exway Electric Skateboard are also extremely durable. The wheels are covered with a rubber surface that is incredibly resistant to scratches. The deck of the Exway Electric Skateboard also features an extremely high density.

The deck of the Exway Electric Skateboard is made of a powder coated surface. The deck is extremely solid and heavy duty. It is also extremely lightweight.

One of the most unique features of the Exway Electric Skateboard is that you can choose from three different power options. You can choose between two speeds, either a single speed or three speeds, which allows you to easily adjust the speed for your riding style.

The Exway Electric Skateboard has features that allow you to use it for many things. It is a durable and lightweight skateboard that features a sleek design and plenty of energy.

Product Features

SEISMIC TRUCKS: Based in Boulder, Colorado this truck company has been developing top notch trucks since 1993. These trucks are the best you will find on any electric skateboard bar-none. OLED / VIBRATING REMOTE: Receive vibrating warnings and shift on the fly all through a digital smart remote. Our precision thumb wheel allows the rider to maximize control and provides the smoothest acceleration and deceleration in the industry. All of this and more with a highly reliable Bluetooth remote signal. 10 MILE RANGE: Got range anxiety? 10 miles gets you pretty far, however if you run out of power the X1 has very little drag since it's belt free. Enjoy the advantages of a hub motor without having to sacrifice torque. Our motors are extremely quiet and charge up / down hills. 6 MONTH WARRANTY AND U.S. SERVICE AND SUPPORT: Need service? Exway USA is located in San Francisco and we have all of the parts / service that you will need should you require any technical questions or support. Simply ship us your board back and we'll fix your problem and we'll return it on us. IN THE BOX: The X1 comes with a remote, a charger for the board and one for the remote, and a USB power adapter to charge your phone from your board, and a skate tool. The X1 also comes with an extra set of wheels! If you shred hard and chew threw a set of wheels, simply remove the allen screws and slide the new set on. CUSTOMIZABLE APP: Our unique app allows the rider to change modes, set acceleration and brake curves and currents, and customize riding levels and style.

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