Skateboard Wall Hanger Wall Storage Clip Skateboard Wall Rack Wall Mount - for Skateboard and Longboard - 1/PK

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Make Your Skateboard Wall Hanger Stands Out

There are a number of different skateboard wall hangings available. Some hangings are a bit more elaborate than others, but all of them add a touch of fun and personality to the skateboard. You can even find unique photo prints for your walls to match your skater artwork.

Photo Wall Hangers - this is one of the easiest ways to jazz up your walls with a nice piece of art. All you need to do is get a blank piece of paper and draw something that relates to skateboarding. Include your name and contact information as well, so you can send them photos when you want them.

Comics - These are very popular amongst older people who like to collect stuff. They can be really funny and usually have a specific theme. The best thing about these pictures is they never go out of style.

Paintings - this is a good way to learn how to paint if you don't already know how. They're not very difficult to do. You'll need a few brushes and a small brush for painting in the areas you're trying to cover. You can use colored pencils or markers for detail.

Wood Grain - this type of art is a bit cheaper than traditional paintings and doesn't show as much detail. It's often done on a white piece of paper so it blends into the wood. You can get a lot of artwork in this style at craft stores or online.

Ego - these pictures depict an artistic representation of yourself in profile. If you are a fan of skaters who have a certain personality, this is an excellent way to show off your favorite skater. It's a great way to get into personalizing your walls.

Close Ups - these types of wall hangers are usually about two inches by four inches. You can see the entire picture of a skater as opposed to just the back of their head. Many people find these photos a bit hard to draw, but the benefits of doing it this way far outweigh the negatives.

There are many ways to personalize your walls with photos, but adding a skateboard in the mix is a fantastic way to add a new dimension to your home. It will set your style apart from everyone else's and make it easier to showcase your latest purchase. Once you have them up, you won't think about it again.

You can use your old books and magazines as skateboard wall hangers as well. It can be fun to let your inner artist loose. Find some old newspaper clippings about skateboarding and create a scrapbook of your own. It can also be fun to shop online for skateboard clothing to place on your walls.

Paintings are a great way to put together a display of your favorite skater. It will also be an excellent display for any pictures that you choose to hang. There is no limit to what you can do to decorate your walls with skater art.

A wallpaper is another way to make your walls stand out. You can find a whole host of prints at local retail stores and online. If you're pressed for space, opt for reproductions instead of original pieces. You can also find pieces in any size you need, no matter how big or small your room may be.

While many people use wallpaper as a back-up for their pictures, there is another awesome way to use wallpaper to decorate your walls. It's a great way to give your walls a more playful look that will actually enhance the look of your favorite skateboard hanging. Don't leave your wall without one!

Product Features

No Board IncludedAdjustable and Pliable- The distance between the two branches is adjustable. You can expand it or grip it to fit your skateboard. If you want to purchase other racks which are not pliable and adjustable , Please check our store. We also sell other skateboard racks. 10 Pounds - Our rack is made of metal . Hold your skateboard strongly without swaying. No More than 10 Pounds . If your board is over than 10 Pounds, please check our store. We sell racks which can hold heavy skateboards and long boards. V- Style Hanger - This model is suitable for skateboards to hang vertically. So don't worry about your board slipping. It will always stay on the rack. No Horizontally. Space your room- No more tripping over stray boards. Great for Home and Office Skateboard Storage and Display. Versatile Usage - The rack is pliable and adjustable. Suitable for display your board , your sword, your hat and etc. Waiting for your imagination.